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How to inject Windows 2008 Server R2 drivers into a PowerEdge T320 .wim image file for a PowerEdge T330

I have an existing and reliable .wim (DISM) image for our T320 servers, but now that we are receiving T330's, I need to inject those drivers into the .wim image. So far, aside from actual system BIOS update files, all I have been able to find is the Lifecycle Controller slipstream package, Chipset_Driver_HNRF4_WN64_10.1.2.77_A06.exe.

Thinking this might be good enough, I decompressed the file, loaded up my .wim via the DISM tools, and inserted all found drivers into the .wim. I then used DISM to burn the image to my prepared T330 (RAID 0, striped to two virtual disks). The PC begins the boot process, displaying the Windows logo and the spinner, and seconds later bluescreens and restarts. This indicates to me that the required T330 drivers are not actually present in the image.

Question: Has anyone inserted such drivers into your .wim images, and if so, where did you get them?

Although I am working toward utilizing Dell Deployment Services, I am not there yet, so for the moment I need to figure out how to get these drivers in-hand. One alternative might be to use Lifecyle Controller, to create a raw 2008 Server installation, on that box, and then extract the drivers from that, transport them to my other .wim, and inject them, but I fear it would be a futile exercise.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

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