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How to tell if PowerEdge 2950's have iDRAC cards in them while booted into RHEL

I have a couple PE 2950's that are running RHEL5.4, is there a way to tell from the command line interface while RHEL is booted if the server has an iDRAC card in it?  and if so, is there a way to configure it while the server is booted?

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The Drac 5, which is the version that would be used in the 2950 since the iDrac was 10th generation servers and newer. There isn't going to be a racadm command to verify the OS booted on the server, most of the things covered are POST and then the OS handoff.  If you are in the Drac web interface, you can click on SYSTEM and then it will show the OS below, which won't display unless the OS is loaded. You can also use the Console Redirection feature of the Drac Web interface to verify the OS is running. You can do this from another system without having to reboot the host server you are referring to.

Let me know if this helps answer your question.

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Hi Chris.  So sounds like my servers probably do have them then.  But there's no way to configure the iDrac without taking the server down and accessing it during the boot process? 

What I was hoping to do as be able to apply an IP to them, then plug a cable in, so I could make sure it works before taking the server down.

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