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Internal Networking Issue with Windows 2012 R2 on Dell R710 + Hyper-V non UFEI

I have come across an odd one... I just rebuilt a Dell R710 with 4 Onboard Broadcom NICs and BIOS NON - UFEI Boot Mode. 

I installed Windows 2012 R2 Standard GUI. No matter what types of configurations I have tried...I can not ping anything on the network other than the gateway. I have turned off the firewall, I have disabled all but the primary NIC. I have turned off the software firewall. I can' reach other servers on the network by \\hostname but not via IP Address ping. There is no ICMP restrictions in place. This is obviously causing issues reaching the soon to be retired Windows 2008 Server + Hyper-V that the host is actually Running Exchange 2003 (Yes this was supported but lots of problems so we are planning on building two guests on the new R710 for Exchange)

That part that has me stumped is if I rebuild the R710 in UFEI mode, the networking issue is no longer there, but instead VGA output can ever go beyond 640x480 no matter what driver/firmware edits are done. So UFEI resolves networking issue, gives me unusable and unchangeable video output. BIOS boot gives me functional video and unstable unusable networking 😞

I have tried patched and unpatched OS, I have applied current firmware updates and all driver files are current. In 25+ years, I can say I am really stumped on this one! A simple rebuild has turned into a monster hair pulling nightmare. 

Any ideas? 

Thanks in advance 🙂

-matt downer

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RE: Internal Networking Issue with Windows 2012 R2 on Dell R710 + Hyper-V non UFEI

Hello Matt

I would suggest that you set the BIOS mode to whichever you want to use(UEFI/MBR). After it is set then delete the OS array, create a dissimilar array, initialize the array, delete that array, and then create the RAID array you want. After it is created choose to run an initialization on it. This will wipe out the old data.

After the new array is created install the operating system. If you have issues like the video resolution then troubleshoot them individually. I would not switch between UEFI and MBR to troubleshoot. The operating system loads differently between the two boot modes and may not be loading the same drivers.

If you still encounter issues with the video or NIC once you have completed the above steps then post back with the details.


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