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Is Dell Warranty Invalid if configuration is not original?

I own a C4130 which is under warranty but has a different configuration than when it was purchased.  I have read the owner's manual front to back, and the configuration should be 100% compatible.  The parts in the machine are Dell OEM.  Recently a vague error has been popping up at startup saying that there is an invalid cable configuration and to check all cables.  This causes the fans to run at 100%.  There are no cables plugged in, and in fact it only has one processor, 1 stick of ram, one hard drive, and one power supply.  Not a whole lot to check, and they all pass diagnostic tests. The only test that fails is the first cable diagnostic test.

To me this sounds like a bad motherboard or lifecycle controller.  Dell techs have been on the server, looked at the config and have really offered no ideas to what the error even means.  Now they are saying that since this is a C Series, the system needs to be exactly as it was at purchase and it is unsupported if any changes are made after shipment.  Their solution was to return the server to the company I purchased it from.  Is this correct?


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Maybe, this seems like an inquiry that would require access to your warranty and configuration details.

You said the issue occurs with almost no hardware remaining in the system. If any of the remaining hardware is something you have changed or added to the system then yes, it seems correct.

If you want someone to look over the case then send me a private message with case information.


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