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LSI MegaRAID in PE T630?

Does anyone have experience using LSI MEGARAID controllers in PE T630?

I am interesting in purchasing T630 without Dell PERC or Dell disks.  Then adding LSI MEGARAID 9631-8i + x7 200GB Intel DC S3710 SSDs.  RAID10, 3 spans + HS.

Trying to determine few things to find if this is even possible/compatible. 

A.  Will Dell 16 2.5 bay backplane play nice with LSI controller?

B.  What kind of SFF connectors are Dell T630 backplanes using?  HD Mini-SAS SFF8643?

C. Will backplane drive bay LEDs work correctly off the HD Mini-SAS SFF8643?

T630 Manual does not provide information on the connectors.  All I've determined is that backplane must be using built in SAS expander as 16 drive bay work off 2 connectors from a PERC.  Manual is generic and calls "SAS Cable" yet diagram shows 2 connectors.  So assuming bandwidth is being divided here, but it still works well due to controller/backplane being rated for 12Gbps yet SSDs are 6Gbps.

4 Phy per SFF8643 x 2 = 96Gbps

16 x 6Gbps SSDs = 96Gbps

In the past I've always gone with Dell PERCs and 15K spinners.  Finally wanting to move toward SSD but not happy with Dell's present pricing on enterprise SSDs. So doing some research on other potential solutions.

Any feedback is much appreciated.

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RE: LSI MegaRAID in PE T630?

The controller will work but chances are the drive numbers won't match and the megaraid software won't detect the backplane although you'll still get your drives and raid.

Dell can tell you what connectors you will need.

You won't be able to blink the drives on purpose but the lights will light when there is activity.

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RE: LSI MegaRAID in PE T630?

 "Finally wanting to move toward SSD but not happy with Dell's present pricing on enterprise SSDs"

Don't blame you, if I was putting together such a setup I would do the same. I would make sure the controller is under warranty/support from LSI,

As a note Supermicro has some nice drive enclosures which work with LSI controllers

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