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M1000e FlexAddres consistency error

Hi all,

My environment consist of 3 M1000e chassis and I was having a case of one new Blade server not getting FlexAddress assigned even after checking it is enabled for the slot.

After applying the solution on this post I can notice the address changes when FlexAddress is enable and disable for the slot but my issue consist now on different address range between chassis.

I thought FlexAddress range was always the same 84:8F:69 is that right?

How to fix my chassis 01 then?

Chassis 01 - C8:1F:66:xx
Firmware 5.02

Chassis 02 - 84:8F:69:xx
Firmware 5.02

Chassis 03 - 84:8F:69:xx
Firmware 5.02

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RE: M1000e FlexAddres consistency error


I thought FlexAddress range was always the same 84:8F:69 is that right?

I'm not aware of a specific range. The range is unique to the SD card installed in your chassis. The CMC manual has a section on flexaddress that starts on page 156.


The first page of the flexaddress section explains how to view the file that contains the MAC addresses on your SD card. If you want to check to see if the MAC being used is from flexaddress assignment then you can follow those instructions to see if it is one of your flexaddress MAC addresses.

Please review the manual to make sure you are taking the appropriate steps to properly configure and use flexaddress. If you still encounter issues then I would recommend updating firmware and BIOS on the CMC and blades.


Daniel Mysinger
Dell EMC, Enterprise Engineer

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