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Migrate hardware from PE2900 directly to T610

Hello everybody,

I have an old PE2900 which reports errors on the backplane and I was wondering: I know that I can migrate directly to a PE2950 (RAID-configurations can be imported from PERC 5 to PERC 6 or from a PERC 6 to another PERC 6).

Will the same "trick" work when I try to migrate directly to a T610? Of course, when the T610 is equipped with a PERC 6, the trick should work, but will it also work with a T610 equipped with a H700 controller?

Thank you in advance for your replies/advice!

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Re: Migrate hardware from PE2900 directly to T610


The H700 does indeed support migrating from the Perc 6/i, but only for non bootable Virtual Disks, as seen here.

Hope this helps

Chris Hawk

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