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NIVDIA NVS 310 installation on T440 and iDRAC9 can't detect GPU

I have installed GPU NIVDIA NVS 310 (Dell part # K3WRC ) on my T440 (2 CPUs and 2 system fans,  2 750W PUs).

Somehow, iDRAC can not detect the CPU is installed.

Any suggestion?


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NIVDIA NVS 310 does not have a power connection on the card, does it?  I can't find it.




My mistake, you're correct. Just to confirm, did you in fact update the driver on this as of yet? 



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I am sorry that what driver is for?

From the system review,  I am not sure what it is missing:


However, it does show in the hardware inventory:






From Liftcycle point view, the GPU info/state could't be pulled back, will it be an issue?




I believe with at least some of the Nvidia cards, the firmware package is included along with the driver. I'm not sure if that's the case with the NVS series or not, though. With the system detecting the card and identifying it correctly, just not populating it under the GPU heading, some sort of firmware issue is what I'd suspect. 


Would it be possible to test the card in another T440? I'm curious if another iDRAC would exhibit the same behavior.


Is there a way to update NVS 310 firmware?




I've checked, there is no firmware update available in the Dell support site for downloads. Though, have you tried updating the hardware driver, the firmware package might be included. Can you check in lifecycle logs to see if there is any errors pertaining to the GPU? Have you tried soft reset the iDRAC?


There are reports about GPU not being detect in iDRAC and there are fixes coming for iDRAC firmware update in April. 

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Can Nivdia driver detect the card even though iDRAC fails to show it on the system overview?


I would give it a try. As it is somehow detected in the system (iDRAC and LCC) it might work, though.



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Thank all replies.

I installed NVS 310 in one of Dell desktop with Windows 10 installed.  Windows 10 was able to identified it as Nvidia NVS 310 without an addition driver.  I also installed the latest driver from Nvida and the installation pack had no complain of GPU.  I ran the GPU stress test and it was fine.

I put the GPU back into T440, and iDRAC can't detect GPU. I think that Joey is right that there is a bug in iDRAC9.

Since NVS 310 only use 20W or less, the PU requirement for 1100W is recommended.



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