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Nvidia card for Poweredge 1950


I would like to upgrade a poweredge 1950 with a Nvidia graphic card to run some 3d tests.

I suppose that I need some kind of adapters to install it. Do you know the p/n that I need to order?

What card do you recommend? I know that I have to take care about the size...

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Nvidia card for Poweredge 1950

Other than the T410 (has a PCIe 16x slot that's 8x wired per the online specs) and Precision R5400 (has 2 PCIe 16x slots) the Poweredge servers only have PCIe slots up to 8x. This means you're limited to PCIe 1x videocards (I have never seen PCIe videocards that are PCIe 4x or 8x).

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