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Original System Config lists drive qty's twice?

I've just opened the box on a "New Old Stock" PE2950.  This server had never been unsealed or powered on - and still has not been powered on. 

I used the Service Tag to list the original system configuration, which lists Qty 5 of GX198 (Hard Drive, 146G, SAS, DU, 15K, Hitachi VIP-B)  then Qty 5 of D981C (Assembly, Carrier, Hard Drive SAS/SCSI Universal 1in[inch]), then Qty 5 of D981C again, and finally Qty 5 of GX198 again.   Hmm - that led me to think that this server had Qty 10 SAS drives.  However, it's a 2U server, and there are only 5 disks (on their carriers) and one unpopulated space. 

For added info, it was one of about 30 servers that were ordered pending a contract that fell through, and was then re-sold.  However, the tape had never been cut open on the box, so I'm quite sure that I'm the first to touch the metal since it was shipped in July 2009. 

How did I get so mis-led by this Original System Configuration that showed ten SAS drives?  The other components all agree on type and quantity (i.e. memory).


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Re: Original System Config lists drive qty's twice?

Sorry for the issues with the system details page.  You are certainly not the only one to experience this issue.  Generally what causes this issue is when a system or system(s) is ordered thru a sales representative.  When the quote is generated for the systems, various parts number can be used to accommodate the needs of the order.  In doing so, part numbers might be used that are not the typical part numbers used on say an online order, or quantities are adjusted to accommodate the overall PO.  Again, sorry for the issues, any other questions please let us know.