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PE 2850 64-bit Support

I know the Dell 2850 can support a 64-bit processor: My question is, do all 2850 CPU's support 64-bit?  I have a 33 production 2850's running 32-bit Linux with Oracle 9i and want to upgrade to 64-bit Linux with Oracle 10g.  I can see from /proc/cpuinfo that "lm" long messages are supported (which should allow it to run 64-bit) but there are other indications that the server is only capable of 32-bit.  I need to understand if a 2850 is ALWAYS capable of 64-bit support or SOMETIMES?

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Re: PE 2850 64-bit Support


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Re: PE 2850 64-bit Support

To add to at5147, it indeed always supports x64, but not all (none?) of the processors support VT, so if you're wanting to virtualize anything, you'd have to check your specific processor.

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