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Please can someone check the drivers are OK for windows 2012 server. currently running win2003 r2. can you please suggest what are the exact latest drivers I needed to download form the dell website? it is very confusing with all the drivers listed.

1. BIOS - 2.6.1                                                                                                                                                  

2. BMC - ver. 2.37

3. ESM - ver. 1.05

4. NIC - 5.0.12

5. RAID PERC 6/i -

6. RAID driver -



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RE: PE 2950

Are you doing an in-place upgrade or a clean install? BIOS, ESM etc. Server 2012 should have the NIC and RAID drivers built-in. You should make sure your system firmware us up to date before upgrading though. Use the Update Package(s) for Microsoft Windows.

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