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PE 800 PCIE error

My PE 800 logged a system event - PCIE Fatal Err (Bus 1, Device 0, Function 0)

What is this error and how to fix?

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I have PCIE Fatal Err (Bus1, Device 0, Function 0)  on my Dell Poweredge 800.  What slot is this? and will reseating the slot cure the issue?





1:0:0 is a PCI-e to PCI bridge. It does not correlate to a specific device or slot. I would suggest removing any PCI or PCI-x devices you have. Those are all of the white slots in your system. If the error goes away then troubleshoot the slots and devices to find out whether it is a slot or device issue. If the error persists then disconnect all unnecessary hardware from the system. If the error still persists with all unnecessary hardware removed then the system board will likely need to be replaced.


Daniel Mysinger
Dell EMC, Enterprise Engineer

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