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PE R710, firmware, 870 watt power supplies, how to obtain

This is regarding a Dell PowerEdge model R710 that has two 870 watt power supplies. 

Upon replacement of a failed power supply, the LifeCycle controller reported there were different versions of power supply firmware. Upon the restarting this computer, it's lifecycle controller listed a message to correct this. 

This LIfeCycle report is correct.  I have looked in many places for firmware updates for 870 watt power supplies, and spent far too much time on this simple task.  

Where can I get Dell firmware updates for Dell 870 watt power supplies for Dell R710 servers?


Power supplies installed.

Model     PWR SPLY,870W,RDNT         Manufacturer     Dell
    Part Number     0YFG1CA01     Serial Number     CN17972034247V
    Firmware Version     03.02.64
PSU.Slot.2    Model     PWR SPLY,870W,RDNT      Manufacturer     Dell
    Part Number     03257WA00     Serial Number     CN162939AA02GP
    Firmware Version     08.08.00

Dell provides updates for other models of power supplies used in R710s.  For example, at the web page <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

Firmware updates are listed for 570 watt and 1100 watt power supplies at Dell's web site.  I tried to install these updates though.  The update did not start as there are 870 watt power supplies in this R710, as expected.

1.    PSU_FRMW_WIN_R242159.EXE  (R242159) release date:  December 15, 2009
Flextronics 570W (VPR1M) Power Supply Firmware Version 1.32, Released 1/12/12
2.    PSU_FRMW_WIN_R259051.EXE  1100 watt power supply
LiteOn-Firmware, 1100W (9PG9X) PSU, 01.01.05, A05, 4/12/10

I found references to new firmware versions, ex. 8.12.00 for the  03257WA00  part number.  I did not find the update though.  At, I only found one older version for a Delta 870W (PT164) power supply,  PSU_FRMW_WIN_R213337.EXE,  

Where are other updates for these R710 870 watt power supplies?

All other software and firmware is current, as of 12/19/2014, for this server.  LifeCycle version was used (LCDRPCK_WIN_14.12.200.61) and SUU

Thank you for reading this post.


Office of Enterprise Technology, State of Minnesota

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RE: PE R710, firmware, 870 watt power supplies, how to obtain


I don't show there are firmware updates available for either of those PSUs. The message is not alerting you that a firmware update is available. Those two power supplies are not the same. They run different firmware, so even if you were able to update the firmware on either of them they would never match.


Daniel Mysinger
Dell EMC, Enterprise Engineer

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RE: PE R710, firmware, 870 watt power supplies, how to obtain

The question remains - where would one find the PSU 870 watt firmware update?  The Dell driver downloads do not give this option.  I do not see it from DRM in OME either.

We had to purchase spares as the PSUs are starting to die.  The spare PSUs are on very old firmware and need to be updated.

Thank you in advance.

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