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PE T105 Hyper V settings

All, I have had an odd issue that I hope somebody can assist with.

I recently had cause to remove Hyper V from my PE T105, as I was having an issue with a VM, and removing/reinstalling the Hyper V role was a recommended part of the troubleshooting procedure.

The role has been installed on the server for about 7 years, since the server was built, and until recently, when a disk failure caused some issues, was running fine.

I can now no longer install Hyper V, as it states that the processor does not support it!!

The Openmanage Server Administrator also states that the CPU is not capable of AMD-V, PowerNow and No Execute, which is not the case, since according to the documentation, it does, and since it had been running Hyper V up to this point, this is a very strange thing to report.

The BIOS does not show ANY virtualisation options in it, so I cannot make any changes.

I also changed to an Opteron 1354 I had as a spare, also quad core, also according to specs, capable of AMD-V, PowerNow and No Execute.

I still have the same issue.

I have also tried changing the CPU driver to the AMDK8 driver, but this has made no difference.

The only other option I can think of is that the BIOS is corrupt, and that I need to reset using the jumper.

Any and all ideas would be welcome at this point!

The server is specced as follows:

BIOS V1.4.4 (Latest that seems to be available for this server)

Opteron quad core 1352 or 1354 CPU (Both report using CPU-Z as Barcelona core, socket AM2+)

8GB Ram

Windows 2008 server

Perc 6iR controller running 4 disks: 2x250GB (OS) 2x1TB(Data) both as mirrored arrays created via the SAS configuration manager before OS boot.

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