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PE1900MB vs PE2900MB?

Would a PE2900MB (and raid card i supposed) fit in a PE1900 chassis?

They look pretty much the same, but the 2900 has better ram and CPU support. Hence why i wish to possibly change.

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RE: PE1900MB vs PE2900MB?


This isn't a tested configuration, so installing a 2900 motherboard to a 1900 wouldn't be supported. With that being said it doesn't mean it definitely wouldn't work, it just isn't something we try. So it really would be based on trial and error. 

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RE: PE1900MB vs PE2900MB?

I haven't attempted it but the board should fit without issue, only thing I would be iffy about is the 1900 generally uses a single directly cabled psu whereas the 2900 uses a pdu with redundant psu's so I'm unsure if it will work with the different psus.

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