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PE2600 moving hard drives from one machine to another

My PE2600 running SBS 2003r2 appears to have a bad motherboard, it  will not even post. The green power light just flashes.This is also my Domain Controller so need to get it running fast.

Here is my solution, tell me if it will work.


I want to take the hard drives out and put them in another PE2600. The setups are almost alike, the one getting the HDs has a never bios and is now running linux. If I put the hard drives in, in the same order will it bootup  and run or will it just crash the drives?




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Re: PE2600 moving hard drives from one machine to another

This generally works just fine, but it is advisable to have the same firmware revisions on all hardware, particularly the RAID controller.  Occasionally, old firmware does not know how to implement features in newer firmware.  This can cause problems, but generally doesn't.  Also, it should have the exact same hardware - no different add-in cards or anything like that.

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