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PERC H700 max hard drive ?

Hi, im having R410 Server with Perc H700 (Frimware version: 12.10.5-0001).

Running 3 arrays: 2x1TB HDD Raid 1, 1x 480gb SSD raid 0, 1x 3TB HDD raid 0.

I want to upgrade the 3TB hdd with the 8TB or 10TB hdd. I do some research on the community people said if im upgrade the frimware to the latest version (12.10.7-0001) H700 can handle the 10TB drive, is it possible?

 I want to ask if i upgrading frimware, am i gonna lose the arrays that i setup or the raid config gonna corrupt ?

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The largest supported drive I see that we ship with the server is a 4TB drive, that being said it doesn't mean that that is a hard limitation of the controller or the server, but is what is tested in the server. So what I would suggest is to update the entire server to current and test the drive in the system after completing the updates.

Hope this helps. Let me know what you see.

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As Chris said, it may not be a 4TB limit to the controller, just as tested by Dell to be supported. "Unsupported/Unofficial" drives may just run undesirably. I have seen 2.5 and 3TB drives run in a PE 2950 which claims to support up to 2TB drives, not ideal and doesn't run perfect, but it does. 


Just by wary of 4kn drives, as they are not officially supported and may not work.

IF USING SUPPORTED CONTROLLERS, the 2950 can take drives larger than 2TB only if connected to a SAS 6 controller in non-RAID (unconfigured) mode. The PERC 5/6 cannot use disks larger than 2TB.

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thank you for replying, gonna send these suggestions to customer. 

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I've successfully used the H700 with an 6TB Seagate IronWolf Pro. Hope this helps.


Use H700 with 6To HGST


You didn't try any large-capacity SSDs by chance, did you? I have an R715 and it is setup with 6x 2.5" drives and I want a large storage capacity that HDDs just will not give me in the 2.5" form factor at this time.

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I have 8TB drives(512e) in 11Gen servers together with the H700. No problems and no orange blinking.


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