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PERC H730P showing BLOCKED drives.


When I go into the PERC bios I see drives 0 and 1 online.  2 and 3 are blocked.  4 is foreign.  5 is online.  6 is hot spare.

Poweredge T640


7 900GB Seagate Exos SAS HDD in RAID10 (ST900MP0146)

I see firmware updates for the drives ending in 0126 and 0136 but not mine (0146).

BIOS is v1.6.13

PERC H730p is running firmware v25.5.5.0005

No, they are not Dell branded drives but in most of the community forums it says to update firmware.  Is there a newer revision I'm not aware of?

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Re: PERC H730P showing BLOCKED drives.


The controller puts a drive into a blocked state when there is a communication issue. That can be due to feature set differences like supported block size or an inability of the two devices to exchange information in a timely manner or at all. Updating firmware on the controller and drive is a first step in resolving communication issues between the two devices.

Our firmware is designed for use with Dell EMC certified drives. If you are not using our drives then you should check the manufacturer's site for firmware.


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