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PERC returns "Adapter at Baseport is not responding" "No Adapter"

Hi, I have a Poweredge R620 with updared firmware. At the boot time, give me one error on PERC adapter, which is: Adapter at Baseport is not responding No Adapter of course any drive is not beign recognize. Checking adapter battery seems ok .... + R does not work ... Port E - recognize normally DVD drive Port F - does not recognizer the Hard drive ? searching on te community and google, didn´t find any troubleshooting guide or some fix. My questions: 1-does someone has some PERC troublehooting guide ? 2-Might be hardware issue ? Adapter or HDD ? 3-Any workaround ? regards

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Re: PERC returns "Adapter at Baseport is not responding" "No Adapter"

Hi Kayalan2,

Could you let us know what is the PERC card that is installed in your server? H710?

There are a few troubleshooting to check if it's a hardware issue.

First, I would try to reseat the SAS cables connecting from the PERC to the drive backplane. Next is to reseat the PERC card. If you do have good working SAS cables from similar server, that would be good to try swapping for troubleshooting.

Next would be to check drive issue, which can relate to this error. You should have latest data backup for this troubleshooting. If you are at the system, you will most likely observe that one of the drives will be blinking a slow, rhythmic blink pattern on the drive activity LED (note that this is the activity LED, not that status LED). If a drive is demonstrating the slow, rhythmic, ~0.5 second activity blink pattern, try pull the drive out. Device spin up should proceed quickly after that. That may conclude, it's the drive issue.



Joey Chong

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