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POWEREDGE R740 Firmware Issues

We have several R740 Servers that we're constantly doing firmware updates on. The past several months our servers have had the Bios_92RFG_WN64_2.12.2.EXE firmware installed and when we look at the "new" updates the critical update is showing the old version 2.11.2. It currently looks like the newest version out is 2.14.2

When we use the iDRAC9 HTTPS manual update using the  HTTPS address, it's not showing the most up to date firmware available. Is that HTTPS address out of date? Downloads.Dell.com no longer works for us either. What HTTPS address do we need to be inputting in the iDRAC9 system update to get the most up to date firmware versions? 

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Can you give more details on not showing the most up to date firmware. downloads.dell.com will get updated on a regular interval so there could be a gap in FW from what available in support.dell.com. In such cases on next catalog update you will get latest firmware. Is all components on the server is listed when you try update from downloads.dell.com?

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I'd assume this should work. Did you try connecting idrac directly to the client PC? So that you can see it successful pings?

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The HTTPS address we use is "dl.dell.com" and it works very well.  Yes, this catalog is often slighly behind because its updated on a (regulary) schedule where the dell.com/support site listet every available package when its immediately available.

With the currenty R750 its going totally wrong because iDRAC listet for its self version 4.40 as update(downgrade of course) when the system already ships with a 5.10 from factory. Also BIOS listet as downgrade and much other stuff. So be careful.

If you have a Hypervisor around take a look to the OpenManageEnterprise Appliance which we use to configure and perform FW upgrades for our PowerEdge servers.



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