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POWEREDGE T300 - Front Panel 40 Pin header help! - (Power Button)

This is my first time asking a question, so I am including as much info as I have so maybe someone can help. 

I have a Poweredge T300 tower server, intel Xeon processor (LGA775 chipset I do believe, Socket T?) I bought the computer missing several components including the front panel. The Front panel has not only the power/reset button, but also two usb ports and a LCD readout and connects to the mobo 40 pin header.

I have been trying for the last several weeks to get this server to start without the front panel, by means of trying to pinout this 40 pin header with a multimeter. I have had no luck "jumping" the pins I thought to be the right ones. I am able to get it to initially start, but shuts immediately back down after around 2 seconds. Any idea's as to much pins need to be used to wire in a different button? My thoughts are it needs to have something other than a "jumping" of two pins. 

The image i attached are my VDC readouts for each pin with the power being supplied and the STBY led being illuminated on the mobo. 

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RE: POWEREDGE T300 - Front Panel 40 Pin header help! - (Power Button)

Hi there,

Unfortunately, the control panel is one of the minimum to POST components to have to start the server up.

Here's the list:

  • System board
  • Processor (with heatsink)
  • One stick of memory in slot 1
  • 1 power supply (with Power Supply Distribution Board for systems with redundant power supply)
  • Control panel (to turn on system)

Here's the control panel and cable part# just in case you're looking for it, YU333 Control Panel Cable & KP013 Control Panel

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