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Hi i was curious if there was pwm adapters that would go from dells thin 4pin pwm to a standard sized 4 pin pwm? Reason is i have a dell t310 that i wanted to install a newer, quieter fan, and i didn't realize the size of the system fan connector was thinner than common pwm connectors.

Is there such a thing as a adapter to make this work? Or am i going to need to make my own? I would rather keep the original fan intact (Like as in not cutting the connector off and making an adapter) if i decide to sell the server, so if possible i do not want to use the wire off it to make my own. 



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I'm looking for the same thing. My T610 needs 6 of them.
The 92mm OEM fans are similar to a Lear Jet taking off.

I however, have a feeling, we'll be getting out the shrink tube and soldering iron...

PS. If I do find something, I'll report back.
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On other Dell systems, you have slim 5 pin fan connector on many mobos. For these slim style 5 pin connectors, where usually 4 wires go to the fan, adapters exist to convert the 5 pin Dell connector to the standard 4 pin fan connector we see on consumer products, see here

But according to the Hardare Owners Manual, the T310 seems to have a 4 pin fan connector listed as connector #6 (4 pins shown on the picture).MAybe a google search on "dell proprietary fan connector" and "Dell server 4 pin fan plug" may yeild some info.

What ever you do, don't simply assume an adapter that mechanically fits will work electrically - you should still check out the wire voltages to satisfy your self that all is OK.

And be warned, Dell does things differently so your server may not like the new slower fans. The server may think the new slow fans are faulty and turn them up somewhat, then think they are ok and allow then to slow down. Such speed hunting between slow and fast can be annoying. Within this forum, I have posted on the difficulty of making Dell servers quiet. Search "fans skylarking" may help you find such posts :Wink:

As to T610 that the other poster mentioned, they dont use 4 or 5 pin slim style fan connectors. The T610 uses 4 pin square connector that the fan frames, which holds the fans and their connectors, mates with. The frames each hold 2 fans and there are two frames within a server when fan redundacy is used (4 fans in total).

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