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Performance Degradation PowerEdge R720

About a month after switching from RAID 10 to RAID 5 (on SSDs) because the need to increase space, performance was degrated on my R720. It doesn't seem like the problem is the RAID change since the low I/Os (observed running DiskSPD) is present on all my the volumes on the server (C&L Drives:RAID 10; D:RAID 5,B:RAID 1) and I am running the exact same configuration on the primary server (This is the secondary server from the cluster). The problem initially went away after installing windows updates, but it came back three weeks later for the second time. I have installed the latest PERC H710P Drivers  (version installed 6.805.03.00) and Firmware (version installed 21.3.4-0001) on the server. Initially I was running an older version of the Dell Open Managed software and the alert of me using an older firmware was not reported. After installing the latest version of the software I got the notification of the out of date driver and firmware. On the PERC driver notes, I read that it fixes an issue with degrade performance on Win 2008 R2 after a system reboot. This seems to be something similar to what I have observed. 

Do you know if there is a newer firmware or driver for this type of system available which might not be listed on the product page? or do anybody could provide me with some insight or ideas of what could be causing this issue?


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