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Power Requirement for M1000e + 16 Blades

Hello Guys ! 

Can someone please help me out with the power requirement for a new M1000e Chassis with 16 blades.  

Configuration is  - 

Chassis Info :

"M1000e + 2700watts 6 PSU + 4* PowerEdge M I/O Aggregator, 56P, 10/40, for dual switch config (FI) 32 Port + 2 * Brocade M5424 24 ports FC8 Switch with 4 x SFP FC8"


The above chassis will have 16 blades – and their config is -

2 * Intel E5-2640 v4 2.4GHz,20M Cache,8.00GT/s QPI,Turbo,HT,10C/20T (85W) Max Mem 1866MHz
16 * 16 GB RDIMM, 1866Mhz, Low Volt
2* 120GB Solid State Drive SATA Boot MLC 6Gpbs 2.5in Hot-plug Drive
1 * QLogic 57810-k Dual port 10Gb KR Blade Network Daughter Card

1 * QLogic 57810-k Dual port 10Gb KR CNA Mezz
1* Qlogic QME2572 8Gbps Fibre Channel Dual ports Mezzanine

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RE: Power Requirement for M1000e + 16 Blades


While we don't have the means to test the specific setup, I can tell you that the chassis alone draws 18.17amps, with an individual (average build) M600 drawing about.9 amp. So fully loaded that would be an additional 14.4 amps. So it would be about 32.57amps.

Hope this helps.

Chris Hawk

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RE: Power Requirement for M1000e + 16 Blades

Dell has a power calculator

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