Power peak Reading


I received an alert on a R620 Poweredge server that i cannot explain.

In the statistics i see a Power Peak of 64868 W (221394 BTU/hr) this looks extreem to me.

Does anybody knows what can cause these extreme values?

is it perhaps a bug in firmware ?

The alert from OME reads:

The system board consumption current is greater than the upper critical threshold

Source : AlertAmperageProbeFailure.

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RE: Power peak Reading


Those numbers sound very high. Could you verify if the server is currently up to date on BIOS, iDrac, Lifecycle Controller, as well as the raid controller? I ask as those devices being out of date can cause a large portion of the issues you will see with the server. What are the current versions you are seeing on the R620?

Let me know

Chris Hawk

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