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PowerEdge 1900 - Need RAID Controller driver for PERC 5/i


We have a PowerEdge 1900 at our office running Windows Server 2003 R2.

Upon opening up the server to dust it, I foolishly disconnected and reconnected the HDDs.

After reconnecting (in the same order and in the correct sata ports) - I tried booting the server and was met with a "\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\ is missing or corrupt" error. All my files and crucial data seem to be intact on the drives.

I want to run a recovery console from the windows server 2003 installation disk that I have on hand. The issue is that when I boot into the install disk, it does not find the virtual HD as I do not have the proper controller drivers.

The dell support page shows a .exe install file for the drivers but obviously - I need the .dll file to be able to F6 during install and select the correct driver so the windows install detects my virtual drive.

I downloaded and booted into the OM_5.2.0_ISM_A00 from the support page but the only option for installation is a clean one which would initiate my raid and wipe all my data.I just need to have windows install detect my drive!

Please help! 

Added bonus - it seems this server does not have a floppy drive so I'm also looking to figure out how to get my Windows 2003 Installation to even see the .dll file given I have 1 disk drive. I still don't have the .dll but just an added issue to worry about

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