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PowerEdge 2900 fan 4 failure

I am getting notification of an E1319 RPM fan 4 failure on my PowerEdge 2900 server, and was going to order a new fan. However since all the fans looked like they were working I thought I would test to make sure it was the fan and not a sensor or something else.  So I swapped fan 4 with 5, and restarted.  The event log still says there is a problem with 4.  Can someone help me diagnose the problem further?

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RE: PowerEdge 2900 fan 4 failure


I would start with clearing the Hardware Event Log, then verify that the BIOS and Drac/BMC are up to date and current. This is because the Drac/BMC is what is in control of the fans, as well as error reporting. If when those are both updated, and the log is cleared, if you still get the error then it is likely an issue with the fans slot on the motherboard.

Let me know what you see.

Chris Hawk

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