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PowerEdge 2970 Boot Issue

I have a PowerEdge 2970 that failed to boot after a Windows update.  We could not even get to the BIOS screen.  So, following some other posts here, I basically pulled everything, and started installing parts one at a time.  

The unit boots (with the memory configuration error) if I only put dimms in slots 1/2, but if I put dimms in slots 5/6 (processor 2)... no boot.

I have 4 4Gb sticks, and I have swapped all of them into positions 1/2, so I know the sticks are good.

It would seem as if my issue is either the memory slots or the processor, so I am wondering if I should bother swapping the processors first?


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RE: PowerEdge 2970 Boot Issue


You are on the right track, with testing CPU#2. First though I would power down the server and remove the power cable and hold the power button for 10 seconds to drain the flea power. After that then open the case and on the other side of the board from the power supplies, next to the PCI slots, you will see the NVRam jumper. Move the jumper over and apply power. Once you see signs of power then shut down and restore the jumper to its original location. See if the server starts up, and  If not then go ahead and try placing CPU#2 in the #1 slot. If it is functional there then place CPU#1 in slot #2 and then check afterwards. If the issue then continues on the CPU#2 side memory bank then the issue would appear to be the board. 

Let me know the results.

Chris Hawk

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