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PowerEdge R230 cannot update the firmware

Just purchased a new R230 and trying to setup. One of the steps is Update the Firmware. We do not use Windows, so I downloaded the firmware file Firmware_635G9_WN64_2.23_A00-00.EXE from the product support site to my laptop. I then from Firefox on my laptop logged into the iDRAC on the server. I went to iDRAC Settings -> Update and Rollback and uploaded the file. After I upladed the file I got the following Status: Unable to complete the firmware update operation because the specified firmware image is for a component that is not in the target system inventory. How do I update the firmware?

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RE: PowerEdge R230 cannot update the firmware


I don't think the backplane is a supported device to update through the iDRAC/LCC. If your operating system does not have supported updates then you can use our Support Live Image to run the updates from. The RHEL updates should work from the SLI:


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