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PowerEdge R410 - System Board Failed CMOS?

I have a poweredge R410, and I get an error when i boot up saying Hardware failure battery something. So should I change the CMOS battery? Also I get:

Persistent correctable memory error rate has increased for a memory device at location DIMM_A4

But not sure if that's related but I'm changing the RAM.

Also in the logs it doesn't say CMOS error because i cleared it.


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I called my seller, he told me to just change year. And it worked so CMOS failure is solved. But I still get F1/F2 on fan 4 errors, he told me to disable prompt on errors but I think that's just a workaround. Is there a solution for this?


Hi, If Fan4 is running and you are getting alerts, it might be useful to disable the prompt error. Or you can check whether the warning about the fan is carried by changing the location of the fans. Apart from that, you can update the BIOS if available. And might be trying to restore default settings of BIOS. Apart from these, there may be a hardware problem.


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