PowerEdge T320. iDRAC Initialization not responding

The server was working fine without problems.

Then I had to restart it, it takes a long time Initializing the iDRAC

and it gives me the following message:

Warning! iDRAC initialization error. Continuing to boot may would unexpected power loss due to unknown power inventory and several features lost such as Remote access, ...

iDRAC Settings:

SWC0700: iDRAC is nor ready.

And the server fan is at Maxima Speed

Thank you so much.

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Re: PowerEdge T320. iDRAC Initialization not responding



I would recommend that you restart and reset the iDrac. You will need to turn off the system, remove AC cables, then wait for 5 seconds to connect AC cables back. then turn it on. If that fails to resolve it then you can follow one of these procedures to reset the idrac. Once these are done then wait a couple minutes after supplying power cable to allow the idrac to initialize, then you can power the server.

Let us know how it goes.

If you like also, you can follow and send a private message with your service tag to ensure we have all appropriate information on the system.

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Re: PowerEdge T320. iDRAC Initialization not responding

Based on experience your idrac is likely out of date.
Here is an article referencing your error: 

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Re: PowerEdge T320. iDRAC Initialization not responding

What is the fix for this? My PowerEdge T620 is not working either. I've tried everything....


Is this how Dell is making money??? Can't fix the problem... Buy a new server $$$$$$$$$$$.

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