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PowerEdge T620 PCI Bus Error Message

I have a PowerEdge T620 server running VMWare ESXi 6.5.0.   Occasionally, without any rhyme or reason, the host will power down and I will find the following error message on the small LCD display on the server:  "Error: PCI1360 Bus Fatal Error on Slot 3.  Reseat the PCI Card."   The card in this slot appears to be a controller connecting the server to an external Promise SAN.    If I simply power cycle the server, it comes right back up.  This issue has occasionally reared it's head before, but the frequency of this occurring has increased recently.  Sometimes it's been months, lately it's been every couple of weeks.   I'm trying to determine if this problem might be related to a problem with the motherboard, a problem with the card itself, whether it might be worth trying to put the card into another slot.   Given that the problem is not easy to recreate, hoping for some guidance in the right direction.   Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks in advance.

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Re: PowerEdge T620 PCI Bus Error Message


I would try moving the card to another slot and see if the error moves.

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