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PowerEdge VRTX PCIe RS232 or USB adapter

Hi all,

I need some help, I have a poweredge VRTX enclosure with n.2 poweredge M520 Blade. VMware ESXI 5.1 is installed on both M520. I have to virtualize two servers with a RS232 modem attached for gsm communication.

I found this device from startech:
but startech's technical support claim that the device is not compatible with VMware ESXI
PowerEdge VRTX technical manual is not of any help because listed supported PCIe cards are only video card and network device.

Anyone know any device that is compatible with VMware ESXI and works on the poweredge VRTX? Even USB controller card adapter are good if i can connect a USB-RS232 converter.
Any help and hint are very appreciated. Thanks and have a nice day!

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RE: PowerEdge VRTX PCIe RS232 or USB adapter

I haven't seen any USB-to-serial devices supported by VMware at all. At best 'native' serial ports will work, or you might be able to use USB pass-through and pass a front port on the blade (M520) on to a VM, but VMware has a (short) list of devices that are guaranteed to work, and anything not on that list is up to you to see if it does or doesn't work. Note that if this does work, you won't be able to vMotion that VM as it'll be hard-tied to the USB port on that specific blade server.

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