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PowerEdge r610 Memory Increase 32Gb to 64Gb

Hi everyone

i need help on this issue. I want to increase memory on my r610 . I have a 4 of 8Gb DIMM's, installed A1A4 B1B4, i want add another 32Gb memory by 2 banks 16Gb each.

What a memory configuration must to use, how i can set DIMM's to receive the full worked 64Gb.


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RE: PowerEdge r610 Memory Increase 32Gb to 64Gb


Based on your current configuration and available 2x16-GB MEM DIMMs, you can not obtain optimal memory configuration at 64-GB because the memory population guidelines require each memory channel to be balanced; hence memory modules in A1A4, A2A5, A3A6 & B1B4, B2B5, B3B6 have to be balanced.

In order to upgrade your memory to 64-GB, you may purchase 4 more 8-GB modules to install in A2A5 & B2B5 or just 2 more 16-GB modules such that you install in A1A4 &B1B4. However, using the 16-GB modules will give you more flexibility for future memory expansion.

Let me know whether you have any further questions.

Robert Alakara

Dell EMC | Enterprise Services

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