Poweredge 830 fan noise solved

I've had a Poweredge 830 tower server sitting idle in my spare room for a couple of years.  I used it for a while as my main downloading machine but when I picked up an SC440 and compared fan noise the 830 went in the cupboard.

The other day when fiddling with reducing the fan noise on a Precision 370 using an OEM PWM fan with this adaptor cable http://www.frozencpu.com/products/8469/cab-152/FrozenCPUcom_4-Pin_PWM_to_5-Pin_Dell_Adapter_Cable_-_... I wondered if I could do something similar with the 830 (my SC440 was sold for purchase price one year after I bought it - bargain!).

Cut a long story short I picked up a low-noise 120mm PWM fan, attached the adaptor cable above to the standard PWM 4-pin plug and then removed the cables fan's 5-pin plug and inserted the wires into the existing DELL fan's 4-PIN PWM plug.  Works just fine.  I don't know if the adaptor cable is strictly necessary - but the metalic ends on the new OEM fan were not the same design as those on the factory-shipped DELL fan and I didn't want to do any bending or clipping.

Anyhow - noise levels are fantastic - even at boot up.  This machine could sit in a quiet office and not bother anyone.  I've got a nice download work-horse again just in time for all the BBC Christmas specials.  I should add that I'm only using this for light-use and storing non-critical data.  I guess there was a good reason DELL installed such a monster fan in the 830 - or at least I hope there was.

Wonder if an 830 likes Windows 7?  I'll report back.




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RE: Poweredge 830 fan noise solved

I too have a PowerEdge 830 that has a fan spinning up and running on high with the slightest usage of the CPU.
I just determined that one of the hold-downs for the CPU heatsink had broken off. So while the heatsink was there, it was not fully seated on the CPU.
I used a bread tie-wrap to wire down the 2nd lever, and now all is well with the fan (not) roaring.