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Poweredge R710 Memory Upgrade Configuration


I've got a Poweredge R710 that currently has 32GB RAM installed via 8 x 4GB modules. I've just ordered a 32GB upgrade (2 x 16GB) from Crucial to bring the server up to 64GB in total, however no matter what configuration i put the modules in, the server just reports an invalid or non optimal configuration.

Can someone help me work out the correct configuation please?


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Hei Andrew,

The reason you are getting the invalid or non-optimal memory configuration is because the memory channels are not balanced. Refer to the diagram below:

That means that the memory installed in slots A1, A4 &A7 must match those in slots A2, A5 &A8 and A3, A6 &A9 on CPU1. The same logic applies to CPU2 moreover memory on Slots A1, A4 &A7 must match B1, B4 &B7 and so forth. Therefore to achieve 64 GB of memory capacity, you need 2 additional 16 GB of memory such that you will have A1, A4, B1 &B4 populated or A1, A2, B1 &B2 with 16 GB modules

You can even use the available 4 GB DIMMs for more memory such that you have:

A1 &A2 =16 GB

A4 &A5 = 4GB

B1 &B2 = 16 GB

B4 &B5 = 4GB.

Otherwise, for optimal configuration with the current DIMMs, you should have:

A1 =16 GB, A4 = 4 GB and B1 =16 GB, B4 = 4 GB which gives you total memory capacity of 40 GB

Let me know if you any additional questions.

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Have almost this exact situation.  I am am reading your answer properly Robert that it would be possible to use the following configuration:

A1,B1,A2,B2 = 16 GB sticks

A4,B4,A5,B5 = 4 GB sticks

A7,B7,A8,B8 = 4 GB sticks

Achieving a total of 96 GB of RAM?

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Based on the memory population guidelines, that is correct! For more information see pages 129 - 134 of the Users' Guide: http://downloads.dell.com/manuals/all-products/esuprt_ser_stor_net/esuprt_poweredge/poweredge-r710_o... 

Thank you.

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What about the remaining (6) 4Gb Sticks, in this case.

Would it be OK to also add (2) of those to A7 &B7 = 4Mb each for a total of 48 Gb instead of just 40 Gb..!?

So each Channel A1, B1 would be configured:   16Gb/4Gb/4Gb = 48Gb total

Then, with (2) more 16Gb sticks (and the (4) 4Gb sticks)

Channels A2, B2 would be configured to match A1, B1 for a total of 96 Gb

Is this all correct, Robert (or Dell Support) - did you neglect to mention filling slots A7 and B7 with 4Gb sticks for a reason?


This is incorrect.

I have an R710 with A1-8GB A2-8GB A3-null and get no optimal configuration warning. 

If I move the configuration to A2 and A3 and leave A1 empty, I get the optimal configuration warning. 

There is more to the configuration that includes A1.




I currently have 6 - 16GB chips in the server located in slots A1, A2, A3 & B1, B2, B3. I need to add either 2 or 6 more sticks of 16GB to this mix. If I do this how should I spread out the RAM for best performance.

Add 2 = A4, A7, A5, A8 & B4, B7, B5, B8 ?

Add 6 = A4, A7, A5, A8, A6, A9 & B4, B7, B5, B8, B6, B9?

Do I skip the 1,2 and 3 slots, in these configs?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


I am doing something similar. I am removing 8- 8GBs and wanting to add 12 - 16GB's, 1333MHz. I found this link below helpful, but I am still unsure if it lowers the speed by populating A4,5,6 and B4,5,6




Well, according the doc, I guess all the speeds loqwer to the lowest speed installed dimm


I'm also upgrading memory to but using 6 16G RDIMM only and removing all older memory in a dual CPU configuration.  Am I to understand from your diagram here that I should use:

3 using slots A1, A2, A3


3 using slots B1, B2, B3?

The boot up screen is giving me a suggested configuration which I tried to follow, but right now it says only 32GB is usable.

I'm also realizing that a bios upgrade may be necessary to see the 16GB RDIMM?  Currently I'm at ver 6.1



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