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Poweredge R815 w/H700

I'm Trying to find out some info regarding my Poweredge R815 

What I need to find out is the Max Storage Capacity on this Server

the spec sheet says 6Tb But im wondering if thats on the internal Ide channels

or the H700 Raid Controller as I want to expand its capacity using larger drives

on the H700 Raid Controller

if anyone could answer please



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Re: Poweredge R815 w/H700


The H700 supports drives larger than 2TB. The R815 should also support UEFI boot mode, allowing you to boot from virtual disks or drives larger than 2TB. Drive sizes are much larger now than what was available when we were selling the R815. Your capacity will likely be limited by the number of drive connectors or slots available. You can find more information about the controller and system specifications in their documentation.


Daniel Mysinger
Dell EMC, Enterprise Engineer

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Re: Poweredge R815 w/H700

Just note that drives must support 512e to work on the H700 (I don't think 4kn will work at all).

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