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Problems Installing SBS 2011 (ThinkServer) on Poweredge T410

The company I work for has tasked me with setting up their server. This is what I'm working with:

The hardware : Dell Poweredge T410
The software  : Microsoft Small Business Server 2011, ThinkServer edition/ESXi

Attempting to install the server software on either ESXi 6.5 or the bare metal causes this message to pop up:

"The installer is designed to load only on Lenovo systems. Please verify with Lenovo that your hardware is correctly configured for this software."

Is there anything I can do other than buy a different version of server software?



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Re: Problems Installing SBS 2011 (ThinkServer) on Poweredge

You have an OEM copy of the  Windows Small Business Server 2011. This is an IBM vendor specific version. Either use a Dell version or a generic version.

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