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QLogic NIC firmware 7.12.17 failing on M915 via LCC


I am trying to update the Broadcom/QLogic firmware on M915 Blade Servers from varying versions to the latest. As per the (lack of) installation notes, it does not provide an upgrade path, but will allow update from any version.

Each time I use the LCC method via the CMC, it will fail to install. A message saying "Firmware mismatch" and an error code appear on the screen before rebooting. The same error occurred when there was the problem with the 7.10.18 version....

The only way I am able to successfully install this update is via the SLI live CD and Linux package.

Within the same Chassis, I can upgrade an M710HD, M820, M620 and M630 using the same package and each with success on the first attempt. I can do the same in multiple chassis. The only deduction I can make is that there is an issue with this version and M915/AMD Chipsets.

Has this been seen before? Can you give me a solution that allows me to use the LCC to update this, as I do not have the time to update each of these individually via Live image, nor do I have OS access to perform the upgrade.


I can create an SUU in Repository Manager and update via System Services, and this works. This is an alternative, but not when you need to update as many as I do in such a small window.

Thank you.

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RE: QLogic NIC firmware 7.12.17 failing on M915 via LCC


I haven't heard anything about the Lifecycle Controller having any issue with running 7.12, only the versions prior to the 7.10.18 release, which as you stated was resolved in that version. If you updated to 7.10.18 before running the 7.12 update then it should have succeeded. The issue you have might not actually be caused by the Qlogic update itself. What I would look into is what version the LIfecycle Controller itself is currently at. On the M915 you were working on, what versions are the Lifecycle Controller, BIOS, and iDrac currently at?

When you started updating the Qlogic, what version did you start from and what version did you jump to after that?

Let me know.

Chris Hawk

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