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R415 power supply connector adapter needed

Hello All!

We're spinning up an R415 as an audio streaming server and we installed an Asus Xonar DX high-end audio card in the PCI-e riser slot to get our audio to the server. However the card needs additional power to function. It has a floppy-drive style power connector. We have an old 4-pin MOLEX-to-floppy drive connector we can use but the power supply in the R415 does not have any additional open connectors on it. FYI we have dual redundant power supply configuration. (the MOLEX connector is the "old-fashioned" power connector used for EIDE drives)

Is there an adapter for the existing power connector that we can buy to get an additional 4-pin MOLEX plug off the supply so we can run it to the audio card?

Alternately, would there be a different Dell power supply that already has the extra MOLEX connectors on it that would fit in the R415?

Any part numbers you can provide would be great!

Thanks in advance!

-Rich M in CLE OH

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