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R610 Error Messages

Hello All,

Noticed some errors on the LCD screen of our Dell PE R610 server this AM, and was wondering if someone had some insight on them. Other than what the error offers.

We are getting:

E122D Memory Regulator 2 failed, reseat DIMMs

E112A CPU Regulator failed, reseat CPUs

I did reseat the DIMMS, but didn't go through the process of reseating the CPUs. I power reset the machine after reseating the DIMMS and the errors both came back during reboot.

I can go through and pull DIMMS a channel at a time and see if the error goes away, but was not sure if others had seen this before. Don't want to yank the CPUs if these are just erroneous messages, the server seems to be functioning fine.

We are on BIOS 6.3.0, I see there is 6.4.0, but it does not say to address any issues with this problem.

Any help is appreciated.

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RE: R610 Error Messages


If you successfully recycled the system power, go ahead clear the system event logs (SEL) via OMSA if installed or iDRAC. It always good to have your system BIOS and firmware level up to date as well.

Robert Alakara

Dell EMC | Enterprise Services