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R610 PCIe Riser, stock or aftermarket

So I need a riser, the one away from the power supply, for my R610 server, do I need a stock riser or can I order any U1 PCIe riser? And if where can I get a stock riser?
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Re: R610 PCIe Riser, stock or aftermarket


A stock riser would not be validated to work with the server and I would be unable to say if it would work or not without any problems. We have an After Point of Sale (APOS) group that can be reached at 800-228-4410 opt 2 that carry replacement parts and can help with a riser.

Please send a private message with your service tag to ensure we have all appropriate information on your system.

Please let me know if that works out for you.

Thank you,

Jim Plumlee
Dell EMC, Enterprise Engineer

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