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R620 iDrac issue

Hello all,


I have a Dell PowerEdge r620, It currently has Xenserver installed on it, however, I do not have the password. I want to factory reset the whole thing and put Server 2016 On it that I just purchased.

Here in lies the issue.

I went into iDrac and it prompted me to update, so I did. well, halfway through it froze up. I let it sit for approx 6 hours, never moved, so eventually I hard restarted it. Since then iDrac is giving me the initialization error, the Fan is going fullbore and I cannot seem to find a way to factory reset the whole thing. I unplugged the server and held in the power, did not work, tried the soft reboot on the face, nothing. When I get to POST it says iDrac is not running, and in BIOS it also states it is not running so it does not give me the option to reset to default.

Is there a way to just factory reset the whole thing?

I read online that i may have to replace my motherboard, I have found a few different sellers from as low as $125 and as high as $600, but my worry is, if I replace the motherboard, wont i then have to repurchase iDrac again?

Thank you for any help..

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Re: R620 iDrac issue

Unplug power cables and wait for 5 minutes. Then plugin and turn on server. 

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