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R710 iDRAC6 + vFlash

Can I use 8GB SD flash on iDrac to configure it as boot flash? On iDAC I see that it can be the first boot device, but I don't see it in BIOS.

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Re: R710 iDRAC6 + vFlash

Did you find a way to get this working?

We're looking for the same info.


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Re: R710 iDRAC6 + vFlash

This is likely caused by the BIOS of the system needing to be updated if the option isn’t listed to boot from the vFlash. The user manual states:

"If the system BIOS does not support vFlash as the first boot device, then the attached vFlash partition(s) may not be listed in the First Boot Device drop-down menu. Therefore, ensure that you update the BIOS to the latest version that supports setting the vFlash partition as the first boot device. If the BIOS is the latest version, then rebooting the server will cause the BIOS to inform iDRAC that it supports vFlash as the first boot device and iDRAC lists the vFlash partition in the First Boot Device drop-down menu."

The user manual can be found at the link below and talks about configuring vFlash starting at page 269.


You might also want to check this document out:


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