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R710 memory upgrade issues

Hi All,

I'm sure I'm missing something with my upgrade DellR710

I've got a server that currently has

A1 - 8GB

A4 - 8GB

A2 - 8GB

A5 - 16GB

A3 - 16GB

A6 - 16GB

A7 - 16GB

A8 - 16GB

A9 - 16GB

(This is then the same on the B side)

B-Side is coming saying B4 and B7 configuration should match but they do any idea,s ?

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Re: R710 memory upgrade issues



I would start with swapping those 2 dimms with other matching dimms from within the server. This will let us see if the issue follows the dimms, which if one of the dimms isn't working correctly then you could see this error. 

If needed here is the documentation for the R710. Also, if you want to private message me the svc tag I can get a better idea of the configuration. 

Let me know what you see. 


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Dell EMC, Enterprise Engineer
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