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R710 w/4K-Capable GPU

A R710 is about to be freed up at the office and I hope to snag it for testing. My preference is to load it with ESXi and use a Windows VM to manage all of my testing. I want to use PCI pass-through to connect a 4K-capable video card to the Windows VM so I can use my 4K TV.

If the pass-through won't work, I'll likely end up loading either Linux or Windows on it and installing VMware Workstation. I will need the video card and 4K TV connected to the R710.

Problem number one is getting a 4K-capable video card w/HDMI 1.4/2.0 port that will work in the R710. I have a Radeon R7 240 on hand. It uses no power other than what comes through a PCI-e x8 slot. Best guess is 30 watts. If that card won't work, is there a 4K-capable card that will work in the R710?

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