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R720XD - iDRAC not working despite correct network settings


I'm having an issue with my Dell PowerEdge R720XD. I'm using it for a home file server (not in a datacenter), and I'd like to use iDRAC to quiet down the annoyingly loud fans. The system is an "OEM-R720XD" running BIOS version 2.9.0.

I went into the iDRAC settings, changed it to DHCP, rebooted, logged into the gateway on my main computer, and I DID see the "DNS tag" or whatever it's called—as "idrac-...", so clearly it was detecting the iDRAC interface. The "..." is replaced with the service tag, which I can't remember.

I have assigned it to LOM 2, and the "main Ethernet" is plugged into #1, so there are no conflicts there. I've assigned the network settings EXACTLY as they should be—I even checked the gateway and the subnet mask and gateway (router address) are both correct.

So, with everything being seemingly accurate, I type in the provided IP address (the one that shows up in the gateway under the "idrac" listing), and NOTHING happens! Chrome just shows the "Refused to connect" error.

I'd love some help on resolving this issue.


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Hello, Can you ping your iDRAC's IP? please make sure that your ethernet connection is made over the LOM you have assigned, or assign the LOM to which your ethernet connection is connected. But the main problem may be that if you changed DHCP, it chooses a new IP for itself every time you restart the server. If DHCP is enabled Its most likely going to be able to pick up a new IP address from your DHCP service. Therefore, I would turn that off right I want to make sure it's disabled
for iDRAC settings during restart of the server
Press <F2> during Power-on Self-test (POST).
In the System Setup Main Menu page, click iDRAC Settings. The iDRAC Settings page is displayed.
Click Network. The Network page is displayed.
Specify the network settings.

Hope that helps!


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