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R730xd issue with disks Intel SSD PCI-e P3700


We have server R730xd with chassis "

Full model drive - SSDPE2MD400G4 2.5" NVMe/PCIe SSD 400G


In documentation I see that these drives compatible with R730xd, but in real we have bad indication. We don't see this drive in BIOS or LC, also we tried install CentOS 7 or use some other live CD and we have the same - disk is not defined. 

Can you please give advise, how to use those disks(Intel SSD PCI-e P3700) in R730xd? Maybe need to use specific slots..(but we already tried use 23 slots, 24 - flex bay)

Thank you for any help!

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RE: R730xd issue with disks Intel SSD PCI-e P3700

Hello Akadai,

  Can you tell us more about your storage config: controllers and how they are connected to the BPs.

  Does your R730XD system have a PCIe Extender card connected to the last 4 slots of the front back plane? If not, the PCIe SSDs will not get detected. The last 4 slots are known as universal slots if both PERC and PCIe Extender are connected to the BP. You can use both SAS/SATA HDDS or PCIe SSDs. But if PCIe Extender is not present, then you cannot use SSDs in the last 4 slots.

The flex bay indicates the rear BP which you can connect to the front BP or to software RAID. But if you have PCIe Extender connected to front BP, then you can use rear BP only connected to software RAID.








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