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RAID 5 Reconfigured on Dell PoweEdge R515


We have reconfigured my RAID 5 VD (5 Physical disks) with two new HDD (Each 4 TB) Through Dell OpenManage Server, but 0 % is completed in 48 hrs. current VD size is 7 TB (excluding new two disks) both new disks is showing online in RAID 5 VD. 

Server model: Dell PowerEdge R515

Current disk Size: 7 TB (Excluding 2 new disks).

How long it will take to complete because in 48 hrs 0 % completed.


Please suggest

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Re: RAID 5 Reconfigured on Dell PoweEdge R515


Would you confirm the status of the added drives again? You said they were Online, but they would have had to completed to show Online, and not just Ready. This may be an issue with OMSA, would you be able to confirm if you're using the latest OMSA, as well as if the BIOS and iDrac are current?

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